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Our aim is to offer a whole new range of products that allow the mobility of individuals with developmental disabilities in difficult terrains, such as sand, snow and rock.
We are committed to provide our customers with the very best possible outdoor experience.
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We are pleased to introduce you our company Novaf Andalucía 2007,S.L.. We began our business plan in Andalusia in the middle of 2008, with the aim of making life easier for people with mobility problems. After several studies, we observed that our product can cover the demand of a large market, not just locally but internationally. Due to this situation, we develop products that can improve the quality of life and what is most important, their leisure time, both of disabled people such as family and friends.

At the moment our product catalog is comprised of vehicles MRI-1, and AVIR, the amphibious chair Oceanic and the basketballs container Ball Box. The vehicle Novaf MRI-1, facilitates the transfer of persons with reduced mobility to places of difficult access. Our model AVIR not only has the same objectives as the MRI-1, also it is ready for rapid deployment of emergency equipment. Oceanic chair allows people with disabilities to enjoy a swim at the beach or similar.

With the Ball Box model we have created our sports equipment division, is a balls container in addition to being a new advertising spot for the courts, is fully accessible to a person from a wheelchair, it can reach out every ball.

Our products are supported by different autonomous communities (Spanish states). The JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA has include our products in the Order that they establish the regulatory basis for award subventions in tourism, and more specifically in the section on Accessibility. In The Prince of Asturias community subventions reaches 50% of the price for all municipalities in Asturias. Also in the Generalitat Valenciana, the Basque Country, Cantabria, Cataluña, and other Spanish states, by catalog CEAPAT (National Centre for support and technical assistance) under the Ministry of Social Policy and Sport, municipalities may be able to get a grant of up to 60% to facilitate the purchase of our products. Products also have certificates issued by the Ministry for Social Policy and Sport.

We won the 1st award in the Innovation category in 2010 from the autonomous community of Andalusia, "OPEN MIND AWARD." We continue to develop innovative new products that we will soon be brought to market.

We are a dynamic company better every day we are offering brand new products to market. Products covering the needs and wants of a large group of people is increasing year after year, allowing us to have a great potential for growth.

Currently our products are located in many places in Spain have had great results and have received wide acceptance by both end users and our customers, which is why we began our expansion into international markets backed by experience in the sector and the support of “La Junta de Andalucía”, through Extenda.

Fernando Enríquez Sáenz de Santa María
Managing Director


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México, gracias a Adapta United Arab Emirates, oficina propia
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Novaf Company

  • Patented Products: We design all our products, which are patented in accordance with the current legislation.
  • Own Manufacturing: Entirely developed in our workshop in Rota (Cádiz).
  • Quality Controls: We submit all our products to the strongest quality controls, in the workshop as well as outside.
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Open Mind Award 2010

Logo Open Mind AwardCompany awarded with the Open Mind Award for Innovation 2010.

Subsidized Manufacturing

Logo Open Mind AwardSubsidized by the Junta de Andalucia.

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Logo Open Mind AwardRegistered in the CEAPAT Catalogue.

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